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January 2020, marked the first year of Duckhams, DIT & AYG coming together


January 2020, marked the first year of Duckhams, DIT & AYG coming together. 3 powerful entities coming together that enabled the iconic Duckhams brand, partner with one of the most powerful business groups in Afghanistan, Ahmad Yar Group. This was possible courtesy, DIT UK, who enabled Duckhams unearth the power of AYG as a potential distribution partner for Duckhams.

Department of International Trade UK, plays a vital role in helping UK brands find the right partner in respective country that the brand plans to enter. They play a key role in directing the brand owners to the right partners in the country with their immense knowledge of trade & business houses in respective countries. The fact that a recommendation comes from DIT, also gives great confidence for both the brand owners & partners in the country to engage in discussions to take the alliance forward.


In its first year of operation in 2019, AYG was able to turn in a spectacular performance for Duckhams in Afghanistan. The brand is most visible in Afghanistan & has attained a very high image in the lubricants market. The brand has been welcomed back in Afghanistan as the original green oil & is extremely well distributed amongst the channels. AYG also brought in a powerful fuel station network that enabled the brand to get high visibility in the fuel stations across Kabul many other markets.

AYG, in its first year also introduced an excellent channel offer – Smart Lubes, which has had an outstanding response from consumers in the market.


On January 23rd, Duckhams (represented by K R Venkataraman , Global CEO), DIT (represented by Simon Williams, Director Afghanistan) & AYG (represented by Hasibullah Khawar, Director AYL), met in the Duckhams office to celebrate the first anniversary of the 3 entities coming together. It was an occasion to remember & Duckhams used this opportunity to thank DIT for providing the lead to AYG & also thank AYG for a truly outstanding performance in the first year of starting the distribution of Duckhams in Afghanistan market.


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