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Chief Technology Officer

Purpose of the Role – This role holder is responsible for developing the technical strategy, executing it and ensuring it overlaps and builds on to the business needs. The individual must work very closely with the stakeholders and top management to ensure alignment and coherence of strategic goals to nurture and grow the brand.

He or she must mentor and develop a strong technical capability within the organization.

The individual will deliver the requirements through the following responsibilities and duties.

Responsibilities & Duties:

Product Strategy:

  • Be abreast of the technical changes happening within the lubes and fuels world
  • Develop a strong tiering of the products with clear demarcation between sub-brands
  • Generate technical reason to believe within the sub-brands (with or without field trials)
  • Identify and map the technical benefits to the consumer needs
  • Create and own the OEM strategy – phasing up from meets to approved to recommended for OEM’s
  • Sub Brand Strategy – clearly work out a sub brand strategy with CEO/Marketing & support the same with claims
  • Development of Hero Products – work closely with additives in developing differentiated, unique & relevant hero products for Duckhams in important market spaces such as PCMO, CVO, MCO etc

Partnership and Efficiencies:

  • Nurture relationship with additive suppliers to ensure access to the latest technologies
  • Balance cost efficiencies of formulations with the technical benefits obtained thereof
  • Support the business to identify cost optimized blending options (self blend versus tolling)
  • API approval process
  • OEM approval process – help Duckhams identify the OEM for approvals for key segments/products & help take the approvals.

External Relationships:

  • Own, build and grow the OEM relationships for the brand
  • Grow the brand presence through representation in various industry bodies
  • Target and build relationships with universities / testing labs and government bodies as necessary to support the brand

Business Support:

  • Work in tandem with business to ensure our partners clearly understand the product portfolio and defend brand position
  • Build and deliver clear, articulate technical training modules to ensure the sales and marketing functions understand the portfolio (product training)
  • Support the sales in understanding customer issues and provide solutions
  • Own the quality compliance of the formulations
  • Training – training the organisation in Value selling – the sales team & distr sales team. Modules etc that will be given


  1. Formulations – help Duckhams in getting the formulations checked & ensure that they are having the right, cost efficient formulations, without losing one bit on Quality.
  2. Formulation efficiencies – ensure we are able to globally optimise formulations so that we can develop efficiencies across the regions.

Education and Experience:

  • Doctorate or Master’s degree, with at least 10 to 15 years of Industrial Experience – specifically within the lubricant industry
  • Demonstrated capability of developing and leading a global team
  • Strong awareness of global trends and product requirements across geographies
  • Experience of building and owning the additive strategy
  • Strong background of obtaining OEM approvals and partnerships
  • Flexibility of location


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