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D-Matic IIIH


Duckhams D-Matic III H is a high-performance synthetic automatic transmission fluid for use in passenger cars, light trucks and SUV automatic gearboxes, requiring automatic transmission fluids meeting General Motors Dexron® III H or Ford Mercon® performance levels.

Duckhams D-Matic III H has been carefully formulated using high-quality virgin synthetic base oils and shear stable components to meet the lubrication and friction requirements of whilst minimising the degradation of the oil and maintain the condition of automatic transmission system, minimising running costs and ensuring a smooth comfortable driving experience.


  • Excellent corrosion and anti-wear protection reduces wear and corrosion within transmission systems, extending the operating life of components and the system.
  • Improved oxidative and thermal stability protects against harmful deposits, sludges and varnish, keeping the transmission clean and maintaining condition and performance, extending the life of the transmission system. Also prevents oil thickening, prolonging the life of the transmission fluid.
  • Formulated using friction modifiers carefully selected to ensure smooth and quiet operation of automatic transmissions, preventing shuddering during gear shifts and maintaining optimum power transfer and drive performance.
  • Formulated using shear stable components, and friction modifiers, to deliver consistent friction characteristics throughout the service life of the oil. .
  • High viscosity index formulation gives a stable viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, giving excellent low temperature flow, and high temperature lubrication, protecting the transmission system both at low temperature start up, and during high temperature operations.