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Fleetol Series-3 10W CF


Duckhams Fleetol Series-3 10W CF is a monograde heavy-duty diesel engine oil for commercial and automotive use. Formulated using updated additive technology and high-quality virgin base oils to meet older specifications and provide reliable protection for light trucks, vans and other vehicles operating under moderate conditions.

Duckhams Fleetol Series-3 10W CF is a mineral engine oil suitable for use in indirect injection diesel engines and other diesel engines. It is suitable when fuels with higher sulphur content are used. It gives effective control of engine wear and piston deposits. Can also be used in hydraulic and transmission systems where the use of monograde engine oils is recommended by the equipment manufacturer.


  • Effective control of piston deposits maintains engine condition and performance.
  • Reduces engine wear, extending engine operating life, maintaining engine performance and reducing total running costs.
  • Effective rust control maintaining the condition and prolonging the life, of the engine.
  • Compatible with yellow metal components.
  • Suitable for use with higher sulphur diesel fuel.
  • Suitable for use in Hydraulic and Transmission systems where the equipment manufacturer recommends the use of monograde engine oils..