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Galrex EP 320


Duckhams Galrex EP 320 is an extreme pressure industrial gear oil blended from virgin mineral base oils with a balanced additive system which includes extreme pressure and anti-wear additives and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. It is suitable for most types of industrial enclosed gear drives for both circulation and splash lubrication systems.

Developed using virgin high-quality base oils these products meet or exceed industry standards for DIN 51 517 part 3 (CLP) gear fluids.


  • Excellent load-carrying capability protects gears against scuffing and extending component life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • High thermal and oxidative stability reduces sludge and deposit formation, maintaining system cleanliness and supporting extended oil drain intervals.
  • Provides effective rust and corrosion protection to all gearbox components
  • Excellent water-shedding properties enable trouble-free operation in conditions encountering water/moisture, maintaining lubrication and extending component life.
  • Anti-foam additives reduce the formation of foams and bubbles, within the gear oil, maintaining good lubricant film strength and ensuring adequate lubrication.
  • Suitable for use heavy-duty industrial enclosed gears with splash, mist or circulating lubricating systems, operating under heavy or shock loading conditions which requiring extreme pressure performance.
  • Can be used in a wide range of industrial gear types, including spur, helical, bevel and steel-on-steel worm gears, or journal and roller contact industrial bearings operating at low speeds and high loads