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Hypoid-S 85W-140 GL-5


Duckhams Hypoid-S 85W-140 GL-5 is a high-performance mineral gear oil designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of moderately to severely loaded transmission systems found in modern vehicles, where extreme pressure protection is required.

Carefully selected using updated additives and modern base oil technology this product is designed to meet the performance requirements of transmission systems experiencing high speed – shock loading, high speed – low torque, or low speed – high torque operating conditions which require extreme pressure protection.


  • Carefully selected to be suitable for use in transmission systems found in modern cars and light commercial vehicles, such as differentials and gears in axles, particularly hypoid gears, operating under moderate to severe load, where an extreme pressure lubricant is required.
  • Formulated using Extreme Pressure (EP) additives designed to protect components operating under high load conditions, such as shock loading, or low speed, high torque applications, reducing wear and extending component life.
  • Protects against the formation of deposits and sludges, and oil thickening, ensuring efficient operation of the transmission system is maintained.
  • Good anti-foaming properties ensure a continuous oil film at the contact point, imparting suitable lubrication, and reducing wear, extending component life.
  • Blended using modern mineral base oils which give improved oxidation stability and shear stability, giving improved service life compared to historic oils.
  • Not suitable for use in automatic transmissions, or in applications requiring a limited-slip lubricant.