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QS 0W-20 SN


Duckhams QS 0W-20 SN is a very low viscosity fully synthetic engine oil for use in gasoline and diesel vehicles. Formulated using cutting edge additive technology and high-quality virgin base oils to meet the requirements of existing vehicles and provide outstanding protection for modern passenger cars.

Duckhams QS 0W-20 SN very low viscosity oil improves engine efficiency and reduces emissions whilst still ensuring high-temperature protection. Provides improved engine power and fuel economy benefits. Gives excellent engine cleanliness reducing sludge and deposit formation. It has been designed to provide excellent anti-wear properties and minimum engine wear particularly during cold start-up.


  • Very low viscosity oil reduces internal friction within the engine, leading to improved fuel economy. Also gives rapid oil circulation at start-up, even in cold conditions, minimising wear, and extending engine life.
  • Excellent thermal stability ensures the oil offers outstanding protection throughout the oil drain interval reducing running costs.
  • Excellent engine cleanliness reduces wear and maintains engine performance, extending engine life.
  • Reduced deposits and sludges minimise wear and maintain engine efficiency throughout the oil drain interval.
  • Improved fuel efficiency, and low volatility base oils, lead to reduced emissions, minimising environmental impact and running costs.