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QS 5W-30 SN/CF C3


Duckhams QS 5W-30 SN/CF C3 is a low viscosity fully synthetic engine oil for use in gasoline and diesel vehicles. Formulated using modern additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils to meet the requirements of current vehicles and provide advanced protection for modern passenger cars, including those fitted with three-way catalytic converters or particulate filters.

Duckhams QS 5W-30 SN/CF C3 improves engine and fuel efficiency and reduces emissions whilst still ensuring high-temperature protection. It gives excellent engine cleanliness reducing sludge and deposit formation. It provides easy cold start and ideal lubrication at elevated temperature and ensures low oil consumption and cold start protection against wear.


  • Stay in grade formulation designed to maintain the viscosity of the oil, ensuring suitable anti-wear and corrosion protection for engines throughout extended oil drain intervals, irrespective of driving style, reducing component wear and extending component and engine life.
  • Reduced sludge and deposit formation and thermally stable formulation keep the engine clean and the oil at the correct viscosity to ensure the engine runs at its full potential from oil change to oil change.
  • Excellent low-temperature properties reduce internal friction and wear, giving improved cold starting, minimising engine wear, at start-up and extending component life.
  • Low friction synthetic oil reduces internal friction within the engine, increasing engine efficiency, extending engine life and reducing running costs.
  • Low volatility synthetic base oil reduces oil consumption and oil thickening and gives lower hydrocarbon emissions.