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QT Racing 10W-50 SN/MA2


Duckhams QT Racing 10W-50 SN/MA2 is a fully synthetic multi-grade engine oil, designed using cutting edge additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils to meet current specifications and provide outstanding performance for modern fourstroke motorcycle engine, including those with integral gearboxes and immersed wet clutches.

Duckhams QT Racing 10W-50 SN/MA2 has been carefully formulated to balance the requirements of lubricating a high revving four-stroke engine, whilst still maintaining the optimum friction characteristics to ensure consistent, positive, clutch response.


  • Excellent anti-wear performance provides outstanding protection in all conditions, irrespective of riding style, reducing component wear and extending component and engine life.
  • Fully synthetic base oils provide outstanding oxidation and thermal stability prolonging the life of the oil, ensuring the engine is suitably lubricated, maintaining engine performance.
  • Meets the friction requirements of JASO MA2 (and JASO MA) standard, ensuring suitability for use in engines with immersed, or wet, clutches. Reduces clutch slippage giving safe, consistent, clutch grip, leading to smooth gear change operations. Protects gears and discs from pitting and corrosion.
  • Stay in grade formulation designed to preserve the viscosity of the oil, ensuring suitable anti-wear and corrosion protection for engines throughout oil drain interval, reducing component wear and extending component and engine life.
  • Carefully balanced detergent and dispersant additives reduce sludge and deposit build-up, without compromising friction requirements for the transmission system. Sludge and deposit control provide excellent engine cleanliness, maintaining optimum engine performance, power and efficiency from oil change to oil change.
  • Multi-grade engine oil designed to operate over a wide range of temperature, giving improved low temperature start-up, reducing strain on electrical systems, whilst still providing good lubrication at high temperatures.