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Duckhams Q 20W-50 SL/CF Engine Oil


A classic multi-grade oil of the heavier SAE 20W-50 viscosity, best suited for older type of engines, or those with a high mileage on them. These engines normally require DUCKHAMS Q20W-50 to give good oil pressure and oil consumption. Also suitable for other engines requiring oils of the quality levels indicated below DUCKHAMS Q 20W-50 is high quality engines oil formulated with the most modern additive technology. It is to give increased oiliness for lasting performance and lubrication protection even at high running temperatures in all modern gasoline and diesel engines operating under server conditions.


• Engineered to increase fuel economy by reducing oil consumption
• Provides excellent protection against sludge and varnish deposits
• Rapid oil flow at start up, minimizing engine wear.
• sludge and deposit produced in hot zones within an engine
• Enhanced anti-wear properties – reduced wear which can lead to lower maintenance costs
• Effective wear and deposit control- longer engine life and reliable operation
• High viscosity index and shear stability
• Enhanced high and low temperature protection in severe driving conditions

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