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Duckhams Diesel Gard 15W-40 CI-4/SL


DUCKHAMS DIESEL GARD is a premium quality engine oil and has been developed for high speed, heavy duty and continuous driving with excellent engine protection and cleaning power. DUCKHAMS DIESEL GARD offers improved advantages for fleet customers through ex tended oil- drain intervals resulting in oil and fuel economy and cost saving maintenance. DUCKHAMS DIESEL GARD is recommended for use in gasoline and diesel engine operating in moderate and severe service applications. This included engines on high- way, off –road, turbo diesel engine, construction farm woodlands, marine and stationary power plants. DUCKHAMS DIESEL GARD is manufactured from high quality base stocks and selected additives.




  • The high levels of detergency and dispersancy ensure engine cleanliness.
  • Highly dependable, year-round protection
  • Long operational life
  • Low combustion residues
  • Promotes maximum engine performance
  • Superior viscosity retention
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