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DUCKHAMS Fleetmaster 15W-40 CF-4/SG


FLEETMASTER is an advanced SAE 15W-40 multi-grade engine oil with “low ash” characteristics, formulated to exceed the most severe engine performance requirements and engine manufacturer’s specifications. The careful selection of additives provides the advantages of excellent viscosity stability and resistance to easier winter starting. FLEETMASTER contains special low ash detergent and dispersant additives which keep the pistons, rings, oilways and crankcase free from harmful combustion deposits. The product is specially formulated to have superior high temperature oxidation resistance combined with good alkalinity reserve and retention properties which ensure neutralization of any acids in the engine caused by combustion blow-by, high temperature oxidation or sludge formed during cold running. Scuffing and undue wear of rings, bores and valve train components is prevented by the use of superior anti-wear additives which provide extra heavy-duty performance. Additives are also included to impart excellent protection against rust and corrosion.


  • Trusted protection for any car
  • Highly dependable, year-round protection
  • Long operational life
  • Excellent engine cleanliness and low combustion residues
  • Promotes maximum engine performance
  • Superior viscosity retention
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