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Duckhams Zircon Z68


A range of mineral-base hydraulic oils conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM offering a wide range of viscosities. The properties of their solvent-refined base oils are enhanced by full additive treatment to minimize oxidation and foaming, and to ensure long machinery life by reducing wear to a minimum and preventing corrosion. The oils are compatible with the seal materials in modern hydraulic systems. Duckhams Zircon Z is primarily for use in hydraulic equipment, but is suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are


The variety of viscosities in this range provide a grade for virtually every hydraulic function in which a mineral oil is suitable. These oils give low wear figures in Sperry Vickers vane-pump test, and are accepted and recommended by all major manufacturers of hydraulic equipment.

Other Duties

The quality of its base oils and additives permit the application of the Duckhams Zircon Z range in lightly loaded gears, in some variable-speed units, in bearings and machine tools. The Duckhams Zircon Z oils are therefore included in many manufacturers’ recommendations equipment.

The main benefits of Zircon Z oils are:

• Very low rates of wear hence long life of hydraulic components
• High chemical stability – resists breakdown of the oil and thereby prevents deposition of sludge and lacquers in both the systems and reservoir. Consequently, there are fewer shut downs for maintenance and long life for the hydraulic oil itself
• Filterability – no tendency to block fine filters when water contamination is present hence trouble-free operation of hydraulic systems

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