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Duckhams – Lubricants Partner to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC)

We are very proud to support the great work of the FBHVC as the official Lubricants partner, helping to protect the importance of the historic vehicle movement.

Duckhams contribute through the creation of lubricants training module material for the Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship, teaching the next generation of historic transport engineers. They provide this in addition to educational pieces for the FBHVC newsletter and technical support on all matters relating to the lubricants for the historic vehicle sector.

Duckhams consult with the FBHVC when developing new products, such as their fuel additive, which helps to guard against effects of ethanol in historic vehicle fuel systems.

Wayne Scott, PR Consultant to Duckhams says,

“Duckhams are acutely aware that the freedom to use historic vehicles on our roads relies on a mixture of research, campaigning and education by the FBHVC. We are very keen to support the FBHVC to ensure it has the resources to undertake this important work. Furthermore, we recognise the importance of car clubs which are the very backbone of the classic car community. So, through our support for the FBHVC, we hope to ensure a prosperous future for all car clubs large and small.”


Whilst the oil remains true to its history by retaining the famous and distinctive green hue, Alexander Duckham and Co. Ltd, has sourced the very best raw materials for a perfect combination of heritage and innovation to create motor oils that deliver unrivalled protection and superb performance for classic and vintage engines. High quality base oil combined with optimised levels of ZDDP work in classic car engines to ensure their preservation and longevity for many more generations to come.

Martin Gough, Director for Classic, Motorsport and Industrial explains, “As car fans, we are fiercely proud of our contribution to British motoring heritage. We are especially looking forward to supporting the clubs and enthusiasts that make up our vibrant classic car community. Duckhams has succeeded since 1899, precisely because of a fantastic combination of experience, knowledge and innovation, which we will continue.”

Martin Gough adds,

“We have painstakingly recreated the green colour to Duckhams Q20W-50 Multigrade that everyone knows and trusts, but have ensured that the formulation has moved with the times to offer the latest technology to protect cherished engines, both out on the road and in winter hibernation.”

You can read all about the relationship on the FBHVC’s new website: .

FBHVC members can find a discount code for free postage on all orders from in each of the FBHVC newsletters.

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